Join Guy Kawasaki to hear How to Shape Your Social Media Persona on May 7

Oh me oh my, you say, if only the great social media guru Guy Kawasaki would explain what my profile is lacking and how to attract audiences and gold doubloons to my personal brand.

Oh wait – “Enchantment” author Guy Kawasaki himself will do exactly that for you next Tuesday. Maybe not the doubloons part, but the rest of the sentence. He’s conducting a free Dell-sponsored webinar on May 7, 2013 at 1 p.m. EST for Dell’s news site Tech Page One in conjunction with the launch of his new book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book. Be one of the first 250 attendees and Dell would send you the ebook version of APE. (Make sure to attend, not just register for Guy’s webinar for the ebook giveaway.)

Click on the image below to register for Guy’s free webinar:

Guy Kawasaki Webinar registration - Dell Tech Page One

The webinar is the last of a four part series we’re running with Guy on Tech Page One. The first installment was an excerpt of Guy’s new book in which he explained how to create an enchanting personal brand, and the second was a chapter about how to create a social-media profile. This week’s article was a Q & A about his secrets to self-publishing and why he equates self-publishers with makers of fine breads and wine.

Whether your social media exploits are limited to Facebook or you have a Klout score over 70, Guy has advice you can use to polish your online presence. And possibly some buried treasure.

Stephanie Losee

Dell Global Communications Managing Editor

APE: How to Publish a Book - Guy Kawasaki

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