Learn to Think Like a Freak – A Fitting Closing to Dell World 2012

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What better ending to Dell World 2012 than to listen to the creators of the Freakonomics phenomenon tell us how to “Think Like a Freak”? In the closing keynote of Dell’s IT signature event, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner will discuss creative problem-solving that can influence our professional — and personal — lives.

Sometimes it takes thinking like a freak to create the types of one-of-a-kind solutions that really make a difference. We look forward to inspiring this kind of innovative thinking at Dell World 2012,” said Levitt and Dubner, who also co-wrote Freakonomics.  

Creative Thinking and Positive Change

Boring doesn’t apply to the “Freakonomics” approach. Highlighting the human side of economics with storytelling, Levitt and Dubner wow their audiences with weirdly compelling connections between seemingly unrelated events and the resulting synergy that occurs. They take everyday occurrences, turn them upside down and, in the process, tip our brains from the same-old to the inspired.

Steve Felice, Dell president and chief commercial officer, said, “Levitt and Dubner’s work is a prime example of the power of innovative thinking, and their Dell World keynote will inspire attendees to make positive changes within their organizations through the power of creative thinking.

The “Think Like a Freak” keynote will take place at Dell World on Dec. 13, 2012 at the Austin Convention Center. For information about Dell World 2012, and to register, please visit www.DellWorld.com

Learn more about Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner on the web at Freakonomics.com, in their blog, their radio (podcasts) and in the movies in a New York Times movie review

About the Author: Diana Ost