Meet Dell’s 2014 Working Mother of the Year: Peggy Richmond

Eight years ago, Peggy Richmond rarely had the chance to see her three children because she was working constantly in a managerial position at another company.

“When I got the call from Dell, I thought this might be what I need to do right now for my family—take a step back and be with my family a little bit more. I have not regretted coming to Dell for a second,” Richmond says.

Now she and her partner, Aimee, have five lively young girls and Richmond’s secret to keeping everything in order is good planning on the front end, but being prepared for when things don’t go as planned.

Richmond currently supports the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific Japan regions, which means a lot of early morning and late night calls, so the flexibility of the Connected Workplace allows her to take those calls at home instead of commuting to the office. However, when work requires a lot of in-office meetings, Richmond uses Dell’s emergency Dependent Backup Care. “You just go online, say you need someone at your house and they’ll schedule somebody to watch your kids,” Richmond says. “I’ve been extremely excited about that!”

In addition to more family time, Dell’s priority of Diversity and Inclusion has allowed Richmond to be true to herself as a member of the LGBT community. “It’s been wonderful working for a company that says ‘Bring your whole self to work,’” she says. And beyond that, what’s kept her at Dell during the past eight years have been the ample opportunities to continue learning and growing. These benefits and resources are key reasons Dell has been recognized as one of the top 100 companies for working mothers for the past seven years, according to Working Mother Magazine.

Although being a working mom requires a daily balance, Richmond believes it’s important for her girls to see her going to work every day. “They need to see me providing for my family and enjoying what I do, but at the end of the day, still coming home and being their mom,” she says.

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About the Author: Dana Keefer