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In previous blog posts, we have been walking through the benefits of optimizing your organization’s infrastructure for your most critical workloads. Now that we have discussed future-proofing your infrastructure and embracing power & simplicity at length, let’s turn to the topic of optimizing your hybrid IT infrastructure for critical workloads from end-to-end. Dell Technologies can help you tune your workloads’ placement thanks to our deep expertise with application strategy, data mobility and workload placement flexibility.

By supporting your key business processes wherever they operate from across your distributed environment, our Dell Technologies On Demand portfolio can help you store, run and protect databases and applications consistently. Knowing where data is, being able to move it around efficiently, or being able to synchronize it so that the data exists in the right place is critical. From always-on replication to fast migrations, our offerings allow you to tune your infrastructure to meet business objectives and corresponding application needs as they change and cut data sprawl before it gets out of hand. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your workload placement strategy requires continued attention over time.

From Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy (2019)

As your IT organization continues to modernize, ensure that you are properly supporting your most critical workloads by placing them appropriately for their current and future needs. When your business priorities shift, trust that your infrastructure has the end-to-end flexibility you need so that you can anticipate shifting demands. For example, consider an internally developed cloud-native application that runs a critical capability within an organization, and let’s say that its driving competitive differentiation for your company in the marketplace. As that application matures, you may choose to migrate it from the public cloud to a private cloud solution for the sake of increased security.

The same could be said for a maturing database in the public cloud that has become increasingly important to the organization over time. As access to that database increases, a well-timed pivot to an on-prem approach can provide great cost savings. These examples should illustrate a few of the reasons to keep an eye on workload placement over time. But ensuring proper placement and getting this timing right is easier said than done. Partnering with Dell Technologies Services can help you refine your application strategy based on your exact business requirements, application needs and IT objectives.

Our Application Portfolio Optimization Services can help you do just that. Our experts will evaluate your current application portfolio and categorize your applications for modernization, migration, retirement or retention.  This will help optimize application placement based on business processes, application interdependencies and IT objectives in operating a cloud-enabled infrastructure environment—a critical step in creating a robust multi-cloud strategy which determines application placement based on immediate and future business needs. After you solidify your application strategy, the next step would be to migrate applications and workloads to their optimum operating environment. Our Dell Technologies Migration Services help you accomplish this with a mature, highly repeatable framework. These services help you realize the benefits of a modern cloud-based service model, thanks to our global delivery team of experts who will accelerate migrations and tailor them to your schedule and business constraints. By leveraging our experience performing thousands of complex migrations for a wide variety of organizations and you can enable your in-house resources to focus on other priority initiatives. You can learn more about migration best practices in this report from Forrester.

These are just a few examples of how our consulting services experts can help by assessing your environment and building a plan that achieves measurable outcomes aligned to your vision and strategy. We also offer deployment services that can help your organization embrace new technologies by accelerating deployment and adoption of these critical technologies so you can execute digital strategies and drive business outcomes.

Many CIOs recognize the competitive nature of finding and retaining a skilled IT workforce. We can augment your in-house skills with our consultants and technology experts, enabling you to keep the focus on critical IT and business initiatives which help you drive competitive differentiation in your market. This includes delivering support services that utilize our experts as well as AI, machine learning and deep learning to optimize performance while predicting, preventing and proactively resolving issues. Managed services to offload day to day IT operations by combining on-site and remote end-to-end management and operation of your infrastructure allowing your resources to focus on driving innovation. Our education services also help you upskill your teams by identifying knowledge and skills gaps and defining a continuous learning strategy.

Remember that Dell Technologies On Demand includes deployment, support and managed services, which can be all bundled effortlessly and paired with our flexible payment options – bringing a tailored as-a-service experience. Adding incremental consulting services like Application Portfolio Optimization and migration services are instrumental in developing an effective workload placement strategy across your IT environment. No matter the scale of your organization, Dell Technologies can help you place workloads appropriately. We’ll work with you to develop a robust strategy and implement the right technology in the right place for the outcomes that you are working to drive. Our powered-up portfolio of infrastructure solutions across the IT stack enables your business to support critical workloads with ease, so you can keep focused on differentiating your business.

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