More Visibility for Status Tags

Tomorrow we will add a new feature to IdeaStorm, status tag
boxes. A status tag box will be given to an idea with a status, in addition to the status tag.  The status tag boxes will
bring some enhancements to the way you view ideas by: providing a highly-visible indication of the idea status when scrolling through pages and greater
visibility of Dell's response, without having to view the entire thread. Below is an example of what a status tag box will look like:

under review box 

We also will provide some stability to the community's
voting by assuring that the content of the idea you promote or demote will
never change (which some users have pointed out as an issue). Yes, this
does mean that ideas will no longer be editable, but fear not. If you need to
make a change to your idea (such as: spelling, grammar, correcting misinformation),
or if you want to delete your idea, you just need to use the Report Abuse
function and fill in what you need me to edit or "delete request" (yes, there
will no longer be a DELETE REQUESTS category). To be clear, I
will not change the concept of the idea or add content to it (the comment boxes
below the idea are meant to hold any further discussion).

If I need more information from you in regards to what you
would like to change, I will email you at the email address you have on file on
IdeaStorm.  As a reminder, please be sure
the email address you have on file for IdeaStorm is one you check fairly

About the Author: Jackie C