Multimedia and Then Some: The Studio XPS 435 Desktop

XPS 435 (right angle - top) Like I mentioned recently, today is the day that customers in the United States and Canada can order for the Studio XPS 435 desktop  via Pricng starts at $1,099. This monster of a desktop will be available initially to customers in the U.S. and Canada, followed by Asia in early March and select European countries in June.

The Studio XPS 435 is built for performance and supports the latest hardware and technology like XPS 435 (Deck top - Zune)Intel’s X58 chipset and Core i7 processors, up to 24GB RAM and up to 4.5TB of hard drive space. Hardware is one thing, but it’s about style too—the XPS 435 features a sleek chassis design that makes upgrading components a pretty seamless process, plus it features some functional elements like the deck top device storage area on the top of the case. It features three angled USB ports that's perfect for charging your devices like an iPhone, Zune, Blackberry, etc. Plus, it also has angled headphone and microphone jacks.

Click on either of the images in this post to see larger versions of them, or the XPS 435 image gallery on, or more still at this set on Dell’s Official Flickr site.

 XPS 435 (internal)

Who the heck needs a desktop like this these days? Folks like my buddy @RichardatDell who spend hours at a time in Photoshop working with multiple high-resolution pictures he takes. Other customers who do a lot of video editing and encoding will, and finally Media Center Edition fanatics who want to send simultaneous HD streams to multiple Xbox 360s can do so with this kind of power. It's a pretty solid system for gaming as well, but it's worth noting that the system has a single x16 PCIe graphics card slot, which means you won't be able to run two ATI cards in Crossfire mode.

For folks interested in the speeds and feeds, here’s some details on the options it supports:

  • Core i7 Quad Core processors, including the 920, 840 and 965 Extreme Edition 
  • Up to 24GB Tri-channel DDR3 memory via 6 DIMM slots 
  • A range of ATI graphics cards including the Radeon HD3450, HD3650 HD4670, HD4850 and HD4870
  • Up to a total of 4.5TB in 3 hard drive bays
  • A slew of external connectivity ports including 8 external USB 2.0 ports, Firewire and eSATA
  • A 475-watt power supply
  • Two 64-bit OS options to make use of all that memory: Vista Home Premium 64-bit and Vista Ultimate 64-bit

And some other cool features:

  • The deck top device storage area I mentioned above
  • built-in infrared receiver so Media Center users can use a remote control without an external box
  • An integrated 15-in-1 card reader right near the top of the chassis for easy access

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