New Download Site for Software

Today we launched the new Dell Download Store (DDS), a site where consumers and small and medium sized businesses can download the most popular software titles from vendors including Adobe, Autodesk, Intuit, Microsoft, and Symantec straight onto a PC.

We are continuing to expand the customer's options and remaining committed to becoming the greenest technology company on the planet, and the Dell Download Store offers an environmentally friendly solution that’s more affordable and easier to purchase:

  • The direct model for software sales saves time by directly downloading the software at a more affordable cost.
  • Software license management tools make for easy license purchasing, fulfillment, auditing and renewal.
  • DDS reduces consumers carbon footprint by eliminating packaging and printed literature materials.

The Download locker, Download manager, and the extended download services make it easier to download and manage software later on in the process as well:

  • Download locker stores copies, and the license.
  • Download manager enables downloads to be fast and secure.
  • Extended download service allows for re-downloaded copies of the software when needed.

DDS offers different purchasing options including the digital download purchase path ($309.99), full package product ($319.99) or the open license option.

So… what are you planning to do with your old CD's and DVD's? Check out what others have done with them on Flickr.

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