New York Urban League: 90 Years of Supporting Future Entrepreneurs

While in NYC about a week ago, I had the humbling opportunity to leverage Dell’s resources, in alignment with our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs advance, to invest in a very historic and important organization. The New York Urban League, Inc. (NYUL) is one of the local affiliates of the National Urban League, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multi-ethnic, social service organization celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2010. The mission of NYUL is to enable African Americans and other undeserved ethnic communities to secure a first class education, economic self-reliance and equal respect of their civil rights through programs, services and advocacy in NYC’s highly diversified city.

Dell team members and I were honored to collaborate with a Dell Innovators Credit Fund Founders Club member, Amos Winbush III, CEO of CyberSynchs, who made the opportunity of donating laptops to the organization possible. “ The biggest problem is simply access,” said Amos. “Opportunities come from access to the right tools and resources that prepare you.”

For over 90 years, NYUL has been helping disadvantaged New Yorkers gain access to equal opportunity in many areas, including education and employment. In fact, there are a multitude of programs to help young people through adulthood gain access to the right support they need in order to succeed, including a Young Professionals group(@NYULYP).

“The League coordinates dropout prevention programs in schools, calls attention to current educational issues by sponsoring community forums that focus on educational policies and practices, and also coordinates a Citywide Parent Engagement Initiative to prepare parents to serve as active and informed members of School Leadership Teams.” Shared Arva Rice, President and CEO of NYUL.

Ms. Rice was kind to take the team and I on a tour of the facility, showing us the League’s College and Career Center, which provides both students and parents with workshops that prepare students to access post-secondary educational opportunities, including scholarships. The “Absolute Success College Access Program” is a comprehensive college and career access model that holds college readiness at the center of all our education services while fostering an environment of high expectations, encouraging leadership, academic achievement and social responsibility The Center’s computer stations allow students to access on-line and CD-ROM resources on colleges and universities, college admissions test preparation and financial aid information.

It was such a tremendous treat to be able to help provide a necessary resource and tool to support advancing future entrepreneurs. As we all know, opportunities are chances that we allow ourselves, and that those around us offer us. Technology has always been something very important to me, as I know the opportunities and access it provides. We hope the additional laptops will help provide many other students access the resources to help fulfill their dreams.

About the Author: Ingrid Vanderveldt