Online Support & MyService360 October Update

At Dell EMC, customers are our first priority and we are committed to your success.  Over the last few weeks, our Customer Service and Development teams have worked diligently to gather your feedback and develop solutions to address your key issues and concerns.

We are pleased to share with you the latest updates to Online Support and MyService360TM.

Faster Account Management
  • Online Support registrations and updates to existing users’ accounts are now processed in near real-time, resolving any processing delays you may have experienced.
  • Site statuses have been updated, enabling you and your partners to create and manage Service Requests on the appropriate sites.
Improved SR Creation Experience
  • As you create a Service Request (SR), your product selection will display more prominently for a more intuitive experience.  An error notification will be more pronounced when submitting an SR or launching a Live Chat session without first selecting a product.

image 1.png

  • All generally available products should display as expected in the All EMC Products list as a result of improved system integrations.  This affects the ‘Account Sites’ product selection option when creating a Service Request or initiating a Live Chat session in Online Support.

image 2.png

Faster SR Management Experience
  • Improved performance when viewing the Open SRs grid within the Incident Management section of MyService360.  The delays that previously caused a ‘Loading’ message on this page have been resolved.
Increased Visibility for Partners
  • Service Enabled Partners are now able to view SRs opened using ‘All EMC Products’.

We will continue to keep you updated as we implement additional updates to your Online Support and MyService360 experience based on your direct feedback.

Should you encounter any technical issues or have additional feedback, please continue to report them through the Help and Feedback form.  Your feedback will be used to develop action plans to ensure we are providing a world-class service and support experience.

About the Author: Lauren Conti