Packaging to increase 6.2% a year. Let’s do it right.

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I saw this
article recently in Converting Magazine.  A new study by the Freedonia
Group found that "U.S. demand for protective packaging is forecast to climb 6.2
percent per year to $5.2 billion in 2014." Even MORE packaging? <Sigh.> A
few highlights from the article:

"Demand for air pillows will climb 8.7 percent per
year… [as a] result of strong growth in Internet shopping, advantages over
other materials in terms of cost and material use, and consumer preference for
the product over other materials such as loose-fill."


"Demand for bubble packaging will be aided by
favorable outlooks for manufacturing activity and electronic shopping."


"Molded pulp will experience some
of the fastest gains… as a result of heightened interest in environmentally
friendly packaging…[and] prospects for paper fill and biodegradable loose-fill
will be helped by growing interest in environmentally friendly packaging."

Well good! If there has to be more, at least a growing
percentage of it is designed with the environment in mind. We can't just keep
pumping more non-biodegradable packaging into our landfills, especially when
there are more sustainable alternatives out there…like our bamboo
. Smile

It's an exciting, sustainable alternative. It grows super
fast (up to two feet a day), promotes healthy soil and has a tensile strength
greater than steel (!), making it great for protecting our cute little Inspiron
Mini 10
s in transit. And we'll be packaging more products in bamboo this
year. Stay tuned…

What packaging innovations are you excited about? Please
share. I'm a bit of a packaging geek these days…

About the Author: Michelle Mosmeyer

Topics in this article