Partner with Dell for Optimized, Simple and Open Solutions

Always-on expectations drive much of what Cloud Service Providers do. Dell’s new PowerEdge servers can help you deliver.

Organizations are managing ten times the data they were five years ago – a staggering 15 petabytes on average.¹ The pressure is on, and cloud service providers (CSPs) feel it all too keenly. Failure to fulfill timely delivery, innovate, ensure quality and secure data means lost revenue, business opportunities and customers. Always-on expectations drive much of what you do, which is why performance, scalability and open system simplicity are often top of mind.

Three images in vertical fashion, top image is a blue colored tunnel with "Optimized" in white text. Middle image is a white geometric stair or seat structure with "Simple" in black text. Bottom image is a blue sky with some white drifting clouds and "Open" in white text.
This is why Dell Technologies is introducing PowerEdge HS5610 and HS5620 servers, offered with the latest industry standard and open ecosystem software. These new cloud scale servers are designed exclusively for select CSPs through Dell’s Hyperscale Next Program.

The Hyperscale Next Program accelerates innovation with standard and open product solutions that help CSPs scale server infrastructures and drive business velocity.

No-compromise Platforms That are Optimized, Simple and Open

Dell PowerEdge HS5610 1U and HS5620 2U, two-socket cloud scale servers, with up to two 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (up to 32 cores per socket), are tailored for digital services and hosting workloads such as virtualization/cloud, scale-out and software-defined storage (SDS). They simplify deployment and scalability, while also accelerating time-to-market with pre-configured and validated platforms.

Designed with purpose-built compute, optimal footprint and open ecosystem software, these two product offerings are technology optimized for large-scale, heterogeneous datacenters. Dell’s cloud scale servers can be configured with a broad selection of differentiated performance options, a variety of storage devices and capacities and system management solutions. Additionally, the HS5610 1U server offers a front I/O configuration that enables serviceability from the cold aisle.

The simplicity of a single, open-embedded system management stack allows for scalable operations and easier migration paths across different or newer infrastructure. You can configure these servers with iDRAC and OpenManage Enterprise system tools or with Open Server Manager. Open Server Manager – built on OpenBMC™ – offers singular, open-embedded management software for CSPs to scale operations and manage infrastructure across heterogeneous hardware.

Dell PowerEdge 5610 server, frontal view.
The Dell PowerEdge HS5610 offers front I/O for serviceability from the cold aisle.

Why Partner with Dell?

The Hyperscale Next Program is designed to help you react quickly to evolving technologies and customer demands, expand your catalog of cloud services and applications and provide differentiated performance for target workloads.

When you partner with Dell, you get access to Dell’s engineers to collaborate, validate and tune upcoming server releases for your target workloads — months before general availability. Gain the confidence you need to deploy newer technology as it launches.

Partnering with Dell also ensures your engineering-tuned platforms are validated and ready to ship with our secure supply chain, speeding your time to market.

PowerEdge cloud scale servers are right-sized for your specific needs, which means not having to pay extra for unnecessary features. That said, you still get the many advantages of industry-standard Dell PowerEdge servers.

From manufacture to delivery, PowerEdge servers are designed using recycled materials and packaging to support your sustainability goals. We also use Dell OpenManage to automate and deploy into your zero trust security model to safeguard your infrastructure. And Global Services are available in up to 170 locations and supported by more than 60,000 Dell professionals and partners.

Discover the PowerEdge advantage for your workloads and your business.

1 Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index, September 2021.

Bob Zuber

About the Author: Bob Zuber

Bob Zuber is the Director of Product Management for Dell’s Cloud Service Provider computer portfolio, focused on the server and ecosystem for this customer segment. Bob has been in the industry for over 35 years, and has worked in development, sales and marketing for most of his career. He brings a vast knowledge of the industry ranging from cloud and virtualization to servers and thin clients. He received his BCS from Northeastern University and lives in Wake Forest, NC with his family and dog.