Redefining Hybrid Cloud with EMC Hybrid Cloud Solution

In today’s global economy, we live in a world with no borders, where ideas can originate and where the next great opportunity will present itself. Over 70% of our customers have told us that IT will need to build and operate a well-run hybrid cloud in order to meet these new challenges. Bringing together the performance, security, compliance and control of private cloud with the flexibility of public cloud has been difficult in the past, with IT trying to navigate a lack of interoperability or visibility across clouds.

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All of that changes today with our announcement of the EMC Hybrid Cloud solution which is built on the foundation that EMC and VMware established over the years to efficiently virtualize all aspects of the data center.  These deployments have allowed customers to build high-performance, secure, scalable private clouds ensuring the SLAs and compliance needed for Tier-1 applications. These private clouds also delivered cost-reductions and agility for IT organizations as they managed to satisfy ever-growth demands from the business. Today the business is now demanding more from IT, asking for choice in the devices, wanting greater access to infrastructure and applications, and driving new demands about application flexibility (where to deploy; how long; how many resources). Delivering on these requirements encompasses what we call a “well-run Hybrid Cloud.”

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The new EMC Hybrid Cloud solution enables a well-run hybrid cloud by bringing new functionality to not only IT, but also to developers, end-users, and line-of-business owners. Beyond delivering baseline Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), built on the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture, such as EMC ViPR, it also delivers feature-rich capabilities to expand from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), to business-enabling IT-as-a-Service. Backup-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service are now just a policy that can be enabled with a few clicks. End-users and developers can quickly gain access to a marketplace of application resources, from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC Syncplicity, Pivotal, as well as the ability to add 3rd-party packages as needed. All of these resources can be deployed on private cloud or public cloud services from EMC-powered cloud service providers, including VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS).

On one hand, the EMC Hybrid Cloud solution is the foundation of the hybrid cloud, enabling application workloads to be placed in the right cloud, with the appropriate cost, security, and performance needed. On the other hand, EMC Hybrid Cloud is the bridge between traditional applications and next-generation applications, all deployable across a common software-defined architecture. This is the real power of the solution!

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We are so excited about this new solution that we must show it to you LIVE at EMC World 2014 this week in Las Vegas! Come by the Solutions Arcade (Booth #850) where we will not only showcase 19 new capabilities of the solution with live demos, but we’ll show you how quickly we can deploy a well-run Hybrid Cloud by building one on the show floor in less than 48 hours. We’ll be redefining Hybrid Cloud right before your eyes.

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