You Asked for It: Announcing Another Facebook Graffiti Contest

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The ReGeneration is on the move! To make it easier for customers, Dell employees and stakeholders to find and participate in our conversations about the environment, we’re moving the best of our blog over here to Direct2Dell.  You’ll find the same great posts about what’s news in “green” business and technology, along with the green tips so many of you tell us you love. Join the conversation!

Hot on the heels of our popular “What Does Green Mean to You” Facebook Graffiti contest, we heard you clamoring for more, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit to feeling nostalgic for all the excitement that was behind the whole event.  To see all these fantastic artists coming together to share their environmental visions and compete for a good cause was truly inspiring, and I still watch my favorites on replay completely slack jawed that someone could create something of such beauty with the Graffiti application while I routinely struggle with smiley faces and stick figures.  

That said, it is with great joy and anticipation that the ReGeneration team announces another Graffiti contest!

The theme of the contest will step beyond ”What Does Green Mean to You?” and head to the next step: “Going Green” (because after you’ve got your vision you’ve got to actually do something about it, right?).  We’ve also evolved the categories by which the entries will be judged in order to get some different responses. The new categories are:

– Best Overall
– Most Inventive Green Technology
– Sustainable Architecture
– Most creative vision of a green future
– Show us how you can improve the environment now

If you’ve already got a Facebook account, you can get started immediately.  It’s open to everyone, so if you don’t have a Facebook account yet, it’s quick and easy to register for one.    

While you’re here, be sure to check out Café Re, the newest section of Café Re is all about dialogue and self-expression…you can chat with others participating in the contest and view the latest art being submitted by Graffiti users across the globe.

After the submission round is complete, users will vote on their favorite entries.  The final day for entries will be Monday, April 14, and user voting begins be the next day.  A panel of judges will then decide on the winners out of the top entries.  The winner in the “Best Overall” category will receive a Green Dell Inspiron laptop!  Other category winners will receive Dell backpacks.  The winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 22 (better known as Earth Day).   Also, be sure to explain your art in words and register for the ReGeneration when prompted (part of the entry process this time around) because another Green Inspiron will be given to the entry with the best text submission

After you’ve submitted your Graffiti entry, you’ll see a box like the one below pop up.  The text portion of the contest is separate from the Graffiti part, and will be judged independently from the artwork.  This means that even if you aren’t an amazing Graffiti artist, you’ve still got a shot at a green Inspiron laptop, but you must fill out the boxes and join the ReGeneration.


Our challenge to you: Show the world what going green really means. Share your ideas…through graffiti, text and Café Re’s new live chat.  Exchange thoughts with other participants by posting in the comments section. The world will be watching and listening…

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Topics in this article