Say Hello to Test Drive for PowerMax, Unity, Isilon and DP4400 – 10 Things to Know!

The VxRail Test Drive™ program has been a big hit. Now, it’s expanding to include the storage and data protection portfolios. Say hello to Test Drive for PowerMax, Unity, Isilon and IDPA DP4400.

The Dell EMC Test Drive program consists of pipeline accelerator events for the Dell EMC Enterprise product portfolio. For partners looking to grow deals (and potentially win them faster), here are 10 things you need to know.

  1. Test Drives are designed to increase sales closure rates. Getting a prospect into the Test Drive seat offers a chance to accelerate and close deals.
  2. They can potentially lead to higher-value deals. The experience is designed to build familiarity and trust in the product—potentially opening the door to bigger and better deals within an account.
  3. They can potentially lower the cost of sale. Test Drives are designed to significantly reduce the time and resources needed to close a typical opportunity by helping to simplify and shorten the sales cycle.
  4. It’s a hands-on experience for the prospect. Test Drives are one-day, immersive experiences for your prospects. It lets them “get behind the wheel” of an infrastructure product to better understand their use case and prove viability.
  5. These events are for the technical crowd. When you reach out to prospective Test Drive accounts, make sure they can send technical decision makers and/or influencers. The experience is focused on the end user.
  6. The ideal time: Consideration and Evaluation stages. Test Drives offer a deeper, practical exploration of a product for prospects that have been researching their options and are nearing a decision.
  7. They can happen anywhere in the world. Test Drive events are accessible to just about any prospect. Events can take place at a Dell EMC site, a partner site, or at a prospect’s office—across the globe and available in 10 languages.
  8. Up to 16 prospects can attend. You can bring a maximum of 16 prospects to any one Test Drive. Ideally, you’ll have at least eight unique prospects with a maximum of two attendees per company.
  9. It’s an event in a box. Leave it to the pros to drive the right curriculum and logistics behind the scenes for your key prospects.
  1. It’s all about building confidence. The most important potential outcome of a Test Drive is, in one word, confidence—in the product, in making the right decision and in value of the investment.

What’s next?

  • Download our brand-new Sales Card and Solution Portfolio to learn more.
  • Start by reviewing your enterprise sales pipeline and contact your Dell EMC partner account manager to schedule your Test Drive today.

About the Author: Pawel Pabich