Small Business Resources That Love You Back

A few years ago, I needed help. I needed ideas on how to market my marketing company. Yes, I see the irony there. But as they say, the cobbler has holes in his shoes (don't "they" say that??)

So I turned to my local SCORE
office. I met a fellow marketing professional who was able to see my
business from a distance and make recommendations I wouldn't have seen
for the trees. And it was free.

Since then I've paid attention to the small business resources in
Orlando. We're lucky; Disney has given us the Disney Entrepreneur
Center, which is home to SCORE, the Hispanic Business Initiative Fund and other small business resources.

Now, I know you might not live in Orlando or even a large city, but
check out what your city has to offer. Just do a search for (your city)
small business resources on Google and see what you come up with.

These organizations tend to be non-profit and offer free or
discounted services as well as educational seminars for business
owners. Better understanding your business? Priceless.

About the Author: Susan Payton