Small Business Tech Tip: Creating an Ad with Google AdWords

With cost cuts being top-of-mind, figuring out ways to run a business without wasting resources is a priority. There are many expenses associated with running a business and one high cost is advertising. One way to avoid high advertising costs is going online and using such tools as Google AdWords. While it might seem a little overwhelming and pricey- graphic designers, etc.- the new Google AdWords display ad builder is a smart alternative.

The new tool allows small business owners to customize ads their own ads with different template and graphic options in order to create successful ads in a simplified way:

· Select the template from several choices

· Customize the template choosing color, background, images and video

· From there, managed the ad campaign by identifying key words, targeted audience, where the ad should be displayed, how it should be displayed, monitor payment and track results

For additional information, check out this article on SB360.

About the Author: Kara Krautter