Small Business Tech Tips: Budget Friendly Holiday Parties

Scaling back seems to be a major theme for this holiday season, especially when it comes to small business office holiday parties. But, just because expenses are being cut back, it doesn’t mean the holiday party can’t be fun. Here are some quick ideas on how to throw a holiday party with a big return and small price tag:

– Avoid space rental costs by hosting the party at the office or someone’s house

Donate holiday party funds to those in need or spend a work day volunteering at a charity

– Forgo serving alcohol– it’s healthier and safer

– Make it a lunch, not a dinner. Dinners are often pricier so why not give your small business team a break in the middle of the day and host a lunch. To make it more festive, you can even host a potluck and encourage the team to make their favorite holiday recipe

December gatherings are also a great time to recognize employees for their hard work over the year. What is your small business planning on doing for the holidays? Share your thoughts and any other ideas for simple, yet fun, holiday parties.

About the Author: Kara Krautter