Small Business Tech Tips: How to Interact with Other Bloggers

We’ve already talked about the value of starting a blog as a small business owner to communicate to clients and share tips on troubleshooting as an added resource. Now, as more and more small businesses use the online world as a way of communicating and increasing business visibility, it’s important to understand how to reach out to other bloggers, build relationships and start conversations with other businesses and/or industry experts.

Here are some recommendations from Inc. to keep in mind when interacting with other bloggers:

· Research what blogs (similar business blogs, potential customers or industry experts) are appropriate to reach out to. Reaching out to a blog that is not relevant to the subject matter or business can sometimes backlash. There are several great resources available such as Technorati or Icerocket.

· When crafting a pitch for the blog, know what the blogger has recently covered and think of ways to relate. Not doing the right prep work will make bloggers think the efforts are part of a mass marketing campaign and not personalized.

· Many bloggers like exclusive information or competitions that will make them more valuable to their readers and customers. When reaching out, think of information that they will appreciate and are unable to get from another resource.

· Offer an expert resource may it be an IT person or marketing person. Many blogs look for Q&A opportunities and in-depth expertise on certain subjects.

· Comment on blog posts. This will help increase visibility and engage bloggers in conversation.

· Don’t take all negative posts personally. There is a chance to respond and support a business’s position without getting defensive and knowing that blogs reflect different opinions.

About the Author: Kara Krautter