Boost Your SQL: The SQL Server Maintenance Solution Supports Dell EMC Data Protection

Need a simple, free solution that allows you to switch easily from SQL server native backups to Data Domain Boost? You’ve found it: Dell EMC and Ola Hallengren have partnered to add support for our leading de-duplication offering, DD Boost, to Ola Hallengren’s award-winning SQL Server Maintenance Solution. Our technology and Hallengren’s scripts are designed for mission-critical environments and advanced backup scenarios, leveraging the latest features in SQL server.

The combination of DD Boost with Data Domain yields impressive efficiency for backup and replication, capitalizing on Data Domain’s ability to reduce storage requirements and address the breadth of today’s data protection challenges. Client-side deduplication enabled by DD Boost speeds backups by 50% and reduces bandwidth requirements up to 98%. Your environments can scale higher, backup and restore faster, and reduce the load on your server during backup. And DD Boost’s networking features for link failover, aggregation and load balancing provide optimal network utilization while ensuring that backup jobs complete.

Data Domain Boost: Faster, More Efficient Backup

What’s more, DD Boost gives App owners direct control of backup to Data Domain using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. By giving App owners control of the recovery process through native utilities, they do not need to go through Backup Admins and so achieve faster recovery.

Deployed by numerous organizations globally and repeatedly voted Best Free Tool in SQL Server Magazine, Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution automates and improves your database maintenance to assist with important, but time-consuming jobs. The solution offers scripts for backups, integrity checks, and index and statistics maintenance. And you can perform tasks independently on the databases you specify.

Dell EMC – the market leader in the Data Protection Appliance & Software Market –  protects your infrastructure investments so you can stay focused on realizing your desired business transformations. Visit our Web site for more information about Data Domain and DD Boost: A recognized expert in the SQL Server community, Ola Hallengren is a database developer and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. You can learn more about his solution here:

About the Author: Jeff St. Cyr

As a Manager for the Global Technology Office at Dell EMC, I lead two groups of teams that focus on Application Data Protection and Sales Tools generation. I have deep knowledge of Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM and how Dell EMC’s products drive the best data protection strategies for those applications and databases. My focus is to generate revenue for our business unit by gaining the technical win, aligning with strategic accounts, and enabling account specific SEs. I spend my time primarily with the Fortune 1000 accounts across the country and world. I am very passionate about technology: learning it, reading about it, discussing it. Spreading knowledge of IT is very special to me.