Start the New Year Off Right: Recycle Your Old Computer

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Did you know that Dell makes it super easy to recycle your old computer? You can even recycle your old gadgets like that first generation XBOX collecting dust in the garage.

Dell has partnered with Goodwill Industries to provide over 2,600 drop off locations in the US and Canada. So this means you can head over to Goodwill and put your old computer electronics to good use. These old parts are salvaged and resold, so there's very little waste – much better than winding up in a landfill.

The Dell Reconnect Computer Recycling program reaches over 64 million US & Canadian households with drop off locations at 2600+ participating Goodwill sites.

So start the year off right and make a trip to a participating Goodwill recycle location to not only de-clutter your house, but do a good deed as well.

We'd love to know about how you and your family are taking advantage of this free service… leave us a note in the comments. Go Recycle!


About the Author: Susan Beebe

Topics in this article