Start the New Year with the Right Software- Volume Software Licensing Center Saves Time & Money

Many people are looking to technology (smart phones, electronic reminders) as a way to help simplify their daily lives, but who knew the same could be accomplished in your work life with the right software?

As a small business, knowing what software to buy is often more complex than it seems. While it might makes sense to purchase as much as your budget allows, the cost and hassle associated with so many different programs can often result in less. So, what’s the best way to find and acquire just the right software for your business’ needs?

There are sites out there that can help you identify the right software, like Capterra – a Dell partner. But, of course, Dell can also be of some assistance. With Dell’s volume software licensing center, small businesses can take advantage of Dell’s relationship with key software publishers in order to get the smartest tools for their business, at the right price.

Dell works directly with many of key software publishers of CRM, security, design and many more types of software.  And, given its small business expertise, it’s in a position to help. Dell’s partners include Adobe, Citrix, McAfee, Novell, redhat, VMware, Business Objects, Double-Take Software, Microsoft, Oracle, and Trend Micro.

In addition to determining the right tools, Dell can automatically customize small business IT through the custom factory integration service that automatically installs the new software on any new system a small business orders.

This New Year, resolve to simplify your IT needs by incorporating the right tools and excluding the frustration of unnecessary cyber clutter.

About the Author: Kara Krautter