Tech Hype meets Tech Reality

By Dell

Welcome to The Global Tech Adoption Index 2014

With so much hype around technology, it’s easy to feel behind the curve. Here’s a much-needed reality check.

We hear it all the time — today’s conversation around technology leaves business and IT leaders with the overwhelming sense of playing catch-up.  It’s no wonder, given how the prevailing buzz tends to assume idealistic scenarios and emphasize future possibilities for technology.  But business decisions can’t be made on best-case scenarios alone. So we at Dell have sought to uncover the hard facts about how companies are really using emerging technology.

The Dell Global Tech Adoption Index 2014 is the result of the largest, most comprehensive mid-market tech adoption survey completed to date. Our research spanned 2,000 companies in 19 industries and 11 countries. We focused our research on four tech sectors—mobility, cloud, big data and security—because these are the technologies businesses are demanding.

Our findings include detailed information in hopes of providing reliable benchmarks against which you can measure your own efforts.

Now let’s look at some numbers.

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The Global State of Adoption

Here’s a top-level summary of current IT practices and priorities.

Not only is security the greatest barrier to adopting cloud, mobility and big data, but it’s also the biggest risk once these technologies have been implemented.

Our finding: even as companies report a great interest in adopting new technologies, security is the key to it all.

Security: An Uphill Battle

Companies continue to struggle with their vulnerability to security breaches. In fact, just 1 in 4 companies have plans in place to respond to any type of breach. Fully 70% of respondents feel they typically don’t have the right information available to make risk-based decisions.

Cloud: A Revolution Under Way

Companies everywhere are making their way to the cloud, but perfect implementation remains elusive. Nearly every IT decision-maker surveyed (97%) said their company either uses or plans to use cloud solutions. Nearly half of companies use cloud to save money, while only 26% have leveraged cloud to be more innovative. 

Big Data: Untapped Potential

As the digital universe expands ever faster, the majority of companies (61%) are realizing they have big data to be analyzed. Yet nearly half of them (44%) aren’t quite sure how to use it. And 1 in 5 do not have the technical skills in-house to get it done.

Mobility: A Turning Point

Mobile devices are taking the workplace by storm—but less than half (47%) of companies even have a mobile strategy in place. While nearly half of companies use mobility only to create efficiency, an emerging group (14%) are finding innovative ways to utilize mobility for increased sales, 

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