The Mobility Challenge in Healthcare: Information In-Security

There’s an age old dilemma for CIOs which is now coming to a head for healthcare organizations—how to give medical professionals access to patient information where and when it’s needed for patient care and protect it from unauthorized use.   The pervasiveness of mobile technologies and increase of security breaches in healthcare highlight this challenge. 

According to recent estimates, more than 70 percent of U.S.  physicians now use smart phones and 86 percent of them want to use mobile technologies to access patient medical records.  Since July, more than 100 information security breaches have been reported affecting millions of Americans.  And the loss, theft or negligent use of mobile devices, computers or transportable media is responsible for nearly two-thirds of data breach incidents.  In his post on the Washington Report, Dave Marchand, Chief Technology Officer of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, discusses the challenges of balancing mobility and security and shares the steps that healthcare CIOS should take before unleashing mobile devices within their organizations.

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Dell's Dave Marchand post on the Washington Report

About the Author: Cathie Hargett