Latitude XT2 XFR: The World’s Thinnest Rugged, Convertible Tablet PC

From the FCC to you, today, we introduced another product in our rugged line-up.

Latitude XT2 XFR Tablet PC

The Latitude XT2 XFR is the
industry’s smallest 12.1-inch rugged convertible tablet PC and is the first
with a multi-touch display. It’s designed for demanding environments and meets
the needs of our customers in the military, police, border patrol, field
service organizations, first responders and government field case workers.

How do we know it meets their needs? Earlier this year we
made it a priority to work with customers across each vertical segment in our
Global Public business to create purpose-built technology solutions. The XT2
XFR continues this commitment and is another example of an industry-first
product that was developed based on customer feedback. It can be mounted into first-responder
vehicles or easily carried by field-service and industrial-manufacturing workforces
to perform in tough environments.

The Latitude XT2 XFR adds to Dell’s Rugged Mobility Solution
offering that includes the fully rugged Latitude
E6400 XFR
that Patrick blogged about earlier this year and the semi-rugged Latitude
E6400 ATG
laptops we brought to market in 2007. It is available with a range
of accessories and services that include mobile rugged docking and mounting
solutions with mobile broadband pass-through, as well as end-to-end services.

understand that reducing total cost of ownership is a priority for larger
organizations, that’s why we are committed to providing our customers with long
lifecycles, stable image, tools and service offerings to simplify IT
management, so they can focus on their mission. The XT2 XFR continues this

To see more Latitude XT2 XFR images, click on this Flickr set. See below for an overview video and a short video that shows the kinds of tests we do on the Latitude XT2 XFR and all of our ruggedized products.

About the Author: Troy West