Transforming emerging economies – one entrepreneur at a time

Kicking off today, the biennial Endeavor Entrepreneurs Summit brings together a unique, world-class group of over 100 High-Impact Entrepreneurs, business executives, and thought leaders from Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa, India and the U.S.

Convening for three days in Miami, Florida, the 2009 Entrepreneurs Summit will focus on Opportunity in Crisis. As the world faces a long-term global recession, what can High-Impact Entrepreneurs do to weather the storm? Is it just doom and gloom? Or are there silver linings?

These are the questions attendees and speakers will be addressing. From keynote speakers to workshops and panels on the most pressing issues entrepreneurs face, the next generation of business leaders in emerging economies will leave the Summit better equipped to drive growth not only in their own businesses but in their respective countries and communities. Highlights include:

· Robert Rubin, former Secretary of the Treasury

· Carlos Alberto Sicupira, Board Member of InBev, and

· Workshops on building a corporate culture, IT and marketing strategies, hiring the right talent and trimming the fat in lean times.

While the Summit is invitation-only for Endeavor Entrepreneurs, we will share insights from the Summit here for all business owners’ benefit. As a key partner for the Summit, Dell’s own Erik Dithmer, VP and GM of Small and Medium Business, is at the Summit and will report back on his experience, and we’ll share short video interviews with attendees here and on Endeavor’s Facebook page.


Those attending the Summit (and any other entrepreneur interested in engaging with the Endeavor community) can submit ideas about what they want to hear more about, key takeaways and suggestions for next year's Summit via IdeaStorm in the Endeavor Summit category. Below are the suggested topics for ideas.

What would you like to hear from the speakers at the Endeavor Summit?

What are the best takeaways from the Endeavor Summit?

What would you like to see at next year’s Endeavor Summit?

You can share your ideas here. We look forward to a great Summit and sharing more information with you.



Endeavor believes that High-Impact Entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in emerging markets. They are the ambitious entrepreneurs who run innovative, high-growth businesses that create jobs, opportunity and wealth in their communities. They dream of becoming the next Silicon Valley success story, but having launched in emerging economies, face considerable barriers to growth: few role models, a lack of trust, a limited pool of quality management, an inability to access smart capital, and insufficient contacts.

Endeavor, a non-profit, helps these entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing the soft power of the private sector: networks, mentorship, strategic advice, talent, skills, and inspiration. These tools enable High-Impact Entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, building a vibrant, investment-friendly private sector and a robust middle class.

In eleven years, Endeavor has screened over 19,000 candidates and selected more than 415 entrepreneurs from from 270 companies with the most high-impact potential to date. With Endeavor’s support, these High-Impact Entrepreneurs have:

• Created nearly 90,000 jobs;

• Generated, in 2007 alone, $2.51 billion in revenues;

• Mobilized $1 billion in capital.

Their success stories are spurring development in emerging economies today and inspiring the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

About the Author: Elmira Bayrasli