Truly Complete with Proactive and Predictive Automated Support

When I started at Dell 12 years ago, one of our biggest selling services was called CompleteCare. Our sales teams understood that this offering covered notebooks against spills and drops, but based on the name this wasn’t always as clear for our customers. The word “complete” implied that this offering covered systems for everything, but in fact, the coverage was limited and to get complete coverage other services had to be purchased. I even remember one unhappy customer who referred to the service as “incomplete care” after learning that the service name was a little different than the actual coverage.

Today, we are launching truly complete support for PCs and tablets with ProSupport Plus. Inspired by Compellent Copilot support, in 2013 we launched ProSupport Plus for servers, storage and networking and you, our customers and channel partners, have embraced proactive support beyond our wildest expectations. Now, we’re extending that same promise to PCs and tablets. ProSupport Plus is the only complete support service that combines in-region 24×7 priority access to hardware and software experts, accidental damage repair, and the option for customers to keep failed hard drives after they are replaced. And for those of you with over 1,000 ProSupport Plus systems, our dedicated Technical Account Managers bring deep knowledge of your business and environment with personalized reporting and comprehensive insights from best practices around the globe.

These features alone make ProSupport Plus the most complete offer in the industry, but we wanted to be the first to extend proactive and predictive support to PCs and tablets. It’s like having a crystal ball for the health of your PC or tablet and much more accurate than your local weather man or the Zoltar booth at the carnival.

Picture getting a call from tech support to learn that your hard drive is close to failure. You back up your data and get a replacement drive with no downtime and no data loss. That’s exactly what you’ll get with ProSupport Plus thanks to Dell’s SupportAssist technology.

What if IT departments could spend far less time on support and more time on innovation? This is why proactive and predictive automated support is so significant. The support business hasn’t evolved—IDC says IT spends 80 percent of their time on routine support and maintenance and that number has been stuck for years. And we know that every IT department has a backlog of projects they struggle to advance. ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets frees IT to innovate rather than spending so much of their time reacting to support tickets. Independent testing shows that ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist for PCs and tablets can reduce time on the phone with tech support by 84 percent with 58 percent fewer steps to resolve an issue. This is the difference between spending five minutes and 34 minutes on the phone with tech support. Imagine how much time this will save those of you supporting hundreds of systems over the course of a year. defines the word complete as “having all parts or elements, lacking nothing.”  My, how far we’ve come with ProSupport Plus compared to our offer called CompleteCare. With all of the features in a single package on top of the industry’s first proactive and predictive support, ProSupport Plus for PCs and tablets truly is complete. The bar on complete has just been raised. To learn more watch this video to see ProSupport Plus in action around the world.

You should also check out what the professionals at Service King have to say about ProSupport Plus and what it has done for them.

If you’re heading to Mobile World Congress this March in Barcelona or Dell World in Austin this October, I’d love to hear what you are doing with the time that ProSupport Plus saves you. Learn more about ProSupport Plus at and if you are on Twitter, please follow me (@jimroth) and @DellProSupport.

[UPDATE 2/21/2015: We heard from several customers that they were hearing higher fan activity during normal operation, or audio distortion during video playback, on various systems now featuring SupportAssist. Our teams have identified a root cause and implemented a quick fix with positive results. If you are experiencing these symptoms after Support Assist was installed on your system, you can apply the hotfix following these instructions.]


Zoltar image by Ashley Buttle via Creative Commons.

About the Author: Jim Roth