Using Green IT To Get Into the Black – A How To Guide

"Nowhere are the potential benefits of a green strategy more compelling than in the data center." That's according to our power & cooling guru, Dr. Albert Esser in his new article "Using Green IT To Get Out Of The Red And Into The Black" that was just published in The Environmental Leader.

Also important in driving down costs is how an organization approaches power management across its PCs. A 2007 Gartner study estimates that 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions are due to PCs and monitors, while 23 percent are due to servers and associated cooling technology in data centers.

Statistics like this are among the reasons why we continue to take aggressive steps in providing with the most energy efficient products in the industry. Today, we just announced a 25% energy efficiency improvement commitment for our laptops and desktops. Read more here.


About the Author: David Graves