Vblock® Innovation Continues with All-Flash Storage, Transforming Businesses Across Industries

VCE pioneered converged infrastructure with the introduction of Vblock Systems, bringing together best-in-class VMware virtualization, Cisco networking and compute, and EMC storage technologies to simplify data center operations and deliver the highest levels of performance, capacity, availability and security.

The portfolio expanded to include VxBlock™ Systems, offering customers a choice between VMware NSX or Cisco ACI software defined networking technologies that can be optionally factory loaded, supported and sustained by VCE.

Vblock Systems have had an incredible track record, but the story is far from over. VCE and EMC continue the drive to push innovation across the Vblock line with a flash-optimized portfolio. VCE’s flash systems deliver performance gains exceeding that of traditional storage systems, and provide a wide range of options for businesses looking to transform and modernize their data centers.

VCE introduced the industry’s first all-flash converged system with
Vblock and VxBlock 540 with XtremIO.  Recent additions include the Vblock/VxBlock 740 with VMAX All Flash and Vblock/ Vxblock 350 with Unity. With this range of options, VCE today offers a full flash-optimized converged infrastructure portfolio capable of addressing any workload or environment.

Read on for a look at how all-flash converged infrastructure is powering transformation in businesses across multiple verticals.


Vblock System 350 with Unity delivers private cloud performance at public cloud costs for EDUVblock

The Vblock/VxBlock System 350 with EMC Unity provides agile and highly scalable converged infrastructure for large virtualization and cloud- computing implementations.

The University of San Diego is updating its existing Vblock System 300 with a new flash-optimized VxBlock System 350. A nationally preeminent Catholic university known for its academic excellence, the university’s IT leadership is constantly seeking to provide the best services and support to its 8,250 students and 2,000 employees. By further modernizing its data center with the VxBlock System 350 with EMC Unity all-flash converged infrastructure, the university will be enabled to run 4x the number of solutions in its VxBlock-supported private cloud—all for the same cost as public cloud.


All-flash Vblock Systems 540 with XtremIO powers healthcare cloud

Vblock and VxBlock Systems 540 with EMC XtremIO provide a factory-integrated and pre-validated system experience that delivers linear scale-out performance at ultralow latency. The Vblock System 540 is ideal for applications that demand the highest throughput at the lowest latency, such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) or large scale, centralized VDI.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a nationally recognized, fully integrated academic medical center and healthcare system based in Winston-Salem, NC. In order to standardize, consolidate and converge technologies to simplify its IT environment, Wake Forest deployed three VCE Vblock Systems, including a 540 with XtremIO All-Flash Arrays, to power its software-defined data center it calls “Wake Cloud.” The converged infrastructure enhances the medical center’s patient care and advances medical research by supporting more than 750 applications including their Epic electronic medical records platform. Deploying Epic
on Vblock allowed Wake Forest to integrate care—not only in an acute care setting, but also in an ambulatory setting—interact with patients, and perform analytics that would not have been possible in a world with separate systems.

To learn more, read the case study or watch the video below

 Vblock System 740 a keystone for enterprise datacenter modernization

The Vblock and VxBlock System 740 is the industry’s most advanced, intelligent converged infrastructure with unmatched performance, capacity, and availability for the most demanding mission-critical applications. Powered by the EMC VMAX All-Flash array, the Vblock and VxBlock System 740 delivers multidimensional scale, high IOPS for extreme levels of performance with low latency, lower total cost of ownership with fewer drive replacements, and a smaller data center

Lids, a retailer specializing in athletic headwear, found itself facing the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer and omni-channel retailing.  In an effort to help customers find the products they want regardless of how they transact, the company turned to an all-flash VCE Vblock System 740 to transform IT. The pivot to converged infrastructure enabled Lids to become faster and more efficient while positioning the company for future growth. Vblock reduced Lids’ provisioning time, enabling jobs to run 20 percent faster, which enables the company to make faster business decisions, develop apps faster, and process and analyze its big data faster.

Learn more about how Lids transformed their data center with Vblock Systems 740,

Mohawk Industries, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, has embarked on a digital transformation. At the center of the transformation is one of the world’s largest SAP HANA TDI environments, running on an all-flash VCE Vblock System 740 and an XtremIO tech extension. Building out the infrastructure on Vblock empowered Mohawk’s infrastructure teams to focus on value add tasks by eliminating things such as racking and stacking servers or labeling cables. With the XtremIO tech extension for the Vblock, Mohawk is seeing unbelievable performance metrics, some of which are 12 times faster than before. Benefits include increases in operation efficiency, better decisions based on the new insights into the business, and reducing manufacturing defects and claims while increasing overall product quality.

Learn more about Mohawk’s digital transformation powered by Vblock Systems 740 and all-flash storage.


The unmatched converged innovation of VCE

The world of technology is rapidly evolving, and at VCE we’re passionate about remaining at the forefront of innovation, offering customers the broadest selection of simple, flexible solutions to power their modern datacenter initiatives. Look for continued updates and enhancements to the industry’s leading line of converged and hyper-converged platforms and solutions from VCE.

About the Author: Mark Geel