We Mean Business: Katie’s Corner – Spinal Fit

The We Mean Business team hearts Dr. Lou Woefel. This was definitely one of our favorite makeovers because Dr. Lou was such a genuinely great guy and a talented chiropractor. His business however, was in need of a major 'adjustment'.

I never would have guessed that our team would be installing that much technology in, of all places, a chiropractor’s office.

The installs ran the gamut… one of Dr. Lou’s tech wishes was to have a new computer in one of the patient exam rooms. The outdated laptop he currently was utilizing was not compatible with his diagnostic equipment. By supplying him with a Dell Vostro 210 slim tower, he would now be able to hook up his diagnostic equipment and produce patient evaluations on the fly. Also, while the printer would be great for evaluations, it would also help Dr Lou market his seminar materials without having to outsource to a printer.

We installed a truly dynamic piece of equipment; the Dell 5100MP projector with a 70” inch wall screen. Now, Dr. Lou will be able to save time and money by hosting his own professional seminars and increasing traffic through Spinal Fit.

Dr. Lou’s whole MO was to gear the business toward a zen-like atmosphere, yet the main lobby gave you the feeling of a hospital cafeteria. Too sterile. Peter infused the space with color, plants, murals and a better placement of equipment. Now, it looks and feels more ergonomic and patient-friendly. Clients also enjoy visuals to help pass the time while they wait for their appointment, and I took advantage of this opportunity with the installation of two 22” LCD displays. This will allow for showcasing their full lines of services and/or special promotions while waiting.

As you also saw, we created a much needed network for the office and also supplied them with QuickBooks for financial management and bookkeeping. Since the computers weren’t previously networked, every time there was a new appointment or schedule change, it was printed and hand delivered to the doctor. Now, he can view his calendar online and be informed of any changes immediately. By running more efficiently, his office is environmentally friendly and it’s saving quite a few trees. We also installed an RD1000 for protection and regularly scheduled data back-ups. This was extremely important considering the confidential patient records that are on file.

We all felt for Dr. Lou and we truly wish him the best with his commitment to his mother and promise to his father.
Until next time, stay tuned….

About the Author: Katie Linendoll