Welcome new blog #DellSolves

Since the early days of Direct2Dell, I’ve been passionate about using it to blog about issues that are important to Dell customers. In those days, we had a very small team. Today, our social media efforts have grown in a number of ways—especially how we support customers via social media.

Back in July I blogged about how the @DellCares team supported customers on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on the web. Since that time, we’ve expanded that teams reach, and now provide similar support to business and enterprise customers via @DellCaresPRO. The #DellSolves blog is a team effort that will include input from a variety of employees who support customers online and from the broader Dell Services team. See Jason Duty’s post for a more detailed explanation of what to expect from the #DellSolves blog (or click on the image below).

Introducing the #DellSolves blog

#DellSolves content will be focused on a few categories overall:

  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Dell Services
  • Dell Support Online
  • Social Media Support

You can check out the #DellSolves blog here: http://Dell.to/DellSolves

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest support-related and service industry blog posts, recommend that you bookmark #DellSolves or subscribe to the #DellSolves RSS feed here. Otherwise, you can keep up with the RSS feed via Twitter @DellSolves.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca