Who Do You Talk to About Your Business?

While you may know your business inside and out, while it may be
your baby, it can pay off to talk to someone else about what you're

For me, that person is my husband.

Whenever I am trying to figure out how to grow Egg
or help a client with a new strategy, I talk to him. He has a different
point of view and different skill set that helps me see beyond my nose.
Inevitably I come out of our talks with great ideas I just didn't see

So who do you talk to? It might be a co-worker,
client, friend or family member. Make it informal, and even possibly
away from work (over lunch, on a walk, etc) to get the juices flowing.
Start by just talking about what's going on, and see where it takes you.

When I talk to my friends about their businesses, I often have
suggestions they've never thought of. The first is always: are you on
social media? I find this to be a great way to build a brand, so it's
my biggest contribution to the conversation.

Don't have anyone? Start a networking group to let
local professionals (or you could do this online) ask questions about
how they can improve their businesses. Many groups like this are called
mastermind groups. Pick a topic each week, or a member, so that the
group can focus on one area to help with.

Twitter's a great
place to get advice too. Just put a question out there and wait for the
replies. I've gotten free technical advice as well as just people's
opinions about everything from blog posts to my website.

Where do you get your advice? Please share with us!

About the Author: Susan Payton