Who Knew the Future Lived in Austin? Elevating IT with Dell and Nutanix

Every year, Dell World inspires me, as I catch glimpses of the future of technology. I think of it as Austin’s own time machine!

This year, I’m delighted to welcome our strategic alliance partner Nutanix, the pioneer and market leader in hyperconverged solutions. Hyperconvergence puts compute, storage, networking, and virtualization together and makes it easy to manage.

It’s like Doctor Who’s TARDIS: small and simple on the outside, huge and powerful on the inside.

Illustration: Why Invisible Infrastructure: Just Works, Removes Constraints, Eliminates Guesswork

Dell is excited to have launched the Dell XC Series Web-scale converged appliance in partnership with Nutanix – a successful product enthusiastically received by customers. The Department of Justice recently selected it to be part of one of the largest VDI Deployments in the U.S. Government.

"Overall the hyper-convergence means the admin staff will manage fewer elements in their IT environment, which should lead to cost savings. They’ll also be able to scale out the systems should demand grow," The Register commented on the deal.

But if my word and the Department of Justice’s choice aren’t enough to convince you this is a great solution, independent research by IDC found the Dell XC to have:

  • Average five-year ROI: 510 percent
  • Five-year discounted benefits per organization: $7.85M
  • Five-year TCO savings: 58 percent
  • Storage deployment: 85 percent faster
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime: 99.7 percent

If you’re at Dell World, stop by the Nutanix booth (4008) to see demos of Acropolis, one-click VM migration, and one-click hypervisor upgrades. You can even have a 1-on-1 SMEssion! Okay, we may not have a time machine, but you can come see the future just the same.

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About the Author: Brinda Robin