Why Customer Oxygen Matters to Dell

Last week, some folks from Dell took part in Bazaarvoices' Social Commerce Summit 2010.  Manish Mehta, who leads a big part of all of our efforts in social media was invited to be part of a talented agenda of speakers. You can check out the highlights of the event here

On a related note, Dell as a company was called out as the winner of this year's "Customer Oxygen" award from Bazaarvoice. For a bit more context regarding what customer oxygen is all about, here's a post from Bazaarvoice's CMO Sam Decker on the topic. In a lot of ways, that concept has been an underlying goal of many of our social media efforts.

2010 Customer Oxygen Award (Dell) - Alex, Manish and Stuart

Above is  a picture of  Alex Gruzen, Manish and Stuart Wallock accepting the award on behalf of Dell.

While it's great to be recognized for the work we have done, folks here know we've got much more progress to make. Dell as a company is in the process of working out how we scale our social media efforts from a small centralized team into Dell's various business units. So far, I've blogged about how we're evolving the listening piece. Moving forward, you can expect to hear more from me (and others) about how Dell continues to evolve how we listen and respond to customers, and about how Dell is transforming itself as a company overall.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca