Why should I certify with Dell?

If you are a reseller and have ever asked yourself “why should I certify with Dell?” I invite you to continue reading and find out.

Choice. Flexibility. Simplicity.

Dell Channel offers one program. You read it right, there is only one program – the PartnerDirect Program. We listen to our partners and work to give you, as a partner, the CHOICE of what you want to specialize in and offer to your customers, the FLEXBILITY to have our program fit into your current business strategy and the SIMPLICITY to fully understand what is involved and how to make it all come together allowing us both to grow our businesses together.


Sometimes one must toot-their-own-horn. Toot Toot!  Through our partner’s successes Dell’s PartnerDirect Program, solutions and Channel team are award-winning

Three Tiers = Great potential

The PartnerDirect program offers three (3) tiers to help you align your companies’ goals with Dell, Registered, Preferred and Premier. With every tier you move into the more growth potential you have, and the greater the partner benefits.

Because of you.

Because of our partners, Dell’s Global Commercial Channels business has grown to over 37%! We are here for our partners and are excited to work hand-in-hand with you to grow our businesses together.

Free online training.

Unlike many other companies, you can complete your competency training requirements for free.  Once trained our nine competencies (software competencies coming soon) enable you to cross- and up-sell Dell solutions to your customers.

To help illustrate our PartnerDirect program, view our complete INFOGRAPHIC.

Are you excited to become a partner with Dell? Are you already a partner and are excited to continue your company’s growth by utilizing more competency and specialties into your team’s wheel house? Visit your partner portal at www.Dell.com\partner or reach out to your Certified Partner Resource Desk representative at Certified_PRD@Dell.com.

About the Author: Sarah Locke