XPS 720 Hardware Kit: What to Expect

I mentioned last week that I would post pictures of the hardware kit. This is what you will receive when you place your order. Thanks to Chris M. for heading down to our Parmer campus to take the shots. I've seen some chatter where some customers are concerned about parts we'll use in the hardware kit. I will say this: all parts will be new—including the mobo. There are no refurbished parts in the hardware kit.

Update, 8/13:  The link for the XPS 700 Exchange Program is now live:



Beyond that, I continue to get questioned about when we will offer the program. I still can't share specific details yet. We are definitely working to bring this to you as soon as we can. Like I said before, the reality is that this is a very complex process for us to implement and we're taking the time to do this right. In other words, we are not unnecessarily delaying the process.

Here are the pictures—you can click on any one of these images to see a larger version. 



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