• Dell APEX for Manufacturing

    Accelerate automation and minimize disruption with Dell APEX

    • WHY Dell APEX

      Combine automation technologies with redesigned operations processes to minimize risk


      Making the case for manufacturing with Dell APEX

    • Empty factory hall

      Balancing Multicloud Costs and Requirements

      Learn what manufacturers auditing their public cloud infrastructure spending have uncovered.

    • Smart Factory: Analytics at the Edge

      Deliver tracking and performance analytics with advanced data analysis and management capacity.

    • Smart Factory: Consolidation at the Edge

      Consolidate applications by hosting all OT/IT applications in secure, centrally managed virtual environments.

    • Cyber Security and Cyber Resiliency

      Rely on a secure, high-availability infrastructure that offers intrinsic security and cyber threat detection and response for faster disaster recovery.

    • Digital Twins

      Perform simulations that combine real-time and historical data to test innovations before committing restricted resources of money and time.

    • Digital Manufacturing/CAD and CAE

      Use HPC-powered analytics and AI to speed time-to-market with more innovative and higher quality products.

    • Digital Supply Networks and Supply Chains

      Examine deployment model with respect to adjacency to multiple clouds in order to connect to a global digital ecosystem.


    • WM Motor speeds into the future with Dell

      See how our big data platform helped WM promote digital transformation in product management and user and corporate operations to speed ahead.

    • Dell takes Gerolsteiner to the Edge

      How implementing high-performance and agile infrastructure at the edge helped Gerolsteiner use real-time data as a source of business intelligence.

    • Dell high performance solutions accelerate Royal Enfield's growth

      Watch the story of how high performance computer solutions accelerated engineering cycles to achieve significant savings at Royal Enfield.

    • Dell equips PING with more time for innovation

      Streamlining the company's entire product development pipeline saved time and freed Ping's designers, developers, and engineers to innovate.

    • Optimizing the production process to reduce waste

      Learn how Dell helped WZL provide manufacturers with an efficient model for analyzing massive production data streams to make instant connections.

    • Dell helps Great Little Box Company pack up some innovative solutions

      The Great Little Box Company developed a more efficient IT model to meet its rapid growth.


      As-a-Service, at your service

    • Cyber Recovery Services

      Put a strategy in place proactively to ensure business recovery after a cyber attack.

    • Managed Detection and Response Services

      Stop ever-evolving security threats before they happen by protecting your business with enterprise-class security expertise, tools, and analytics, 24-7.

    • Incident Response and Recovery Services

      Work with Dell's global team of cybersecurity experts to get back to business faster when a destructive cyber incident occurs.

    • Data Analytics Consulting Services

      Use data analytics to gain actionable insights and create a competitive advantage for your business.

    • Automation and Integration Services for Storage

      Leverage prepackaged orchestration and automation codes to manage storage quotas and policies while reducing operations toil for administrators.

    • Digital Services Management

      Digital Services Management with ServiceNow® adopts digital workflows that deliver modern, personalized employee and customer experiences to simplify the day-to-day of your business.

      • Whatever the use case, Dell APEX services can help accelerate your journey

        As you embark on the road to digital transformation and modernization — no matter what industry — Dell APEX can help your organization race down that road by managing your needs, allowing you to focus on building your business.