• Computer and IT equipment that can be recycled

    We can help you recycle your electronics. Learn about what equipment we accept.

    • From computers to accessories, we offer convenient ways to recycle computer and IT equipment. Our goal is to take back as much equipment as we produce. We responsibly recycle equipment which can provide raw materials to make new technology.

    • You can take advantage of several convenient and secure solutions for your end-of-life equipment that are easy to use. Working together, we can minimize e-waste and reduce demand for natural resources – helping protect the environment.

    • Equipment accepted for recycling

    • Personal products

      We accept computers and printers, as well as related accessories, monitors, mice, and keyboards of any brand, in any condition.

      Examples of computer equipment that can be recycled include:

      • Desktops
      • Laptops
      • Keyboards
      • Mice
      • Monitors
      • Printers

      Specific equipment that is accepted will vary based on your location and service.

    • Business equipment

      We help you securely and responsibly retire any brand of owned or leased IT equipment and unlock value for your business.

      Examples of IT equipment that can be recycled include, but are not limited to:

      • Desktops
      • Laptops
      • Monitors
      • Server and storage products
      • Tablets
      • Workstations (all-in-ones)

      Specific equipment that is accepted will vary based on location and service.

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    • Learn more about recycling services

      We are committed to keeping unwanted IT equipment out of waste streams and accelerating the circular economy. That’s why we offer convenient recycling services to help. Our programs reuse materials, safeguard your brand reputation, and responsibly dispose of end-of-life computing equipment.

      We started offering recycling services in 1996 and since 2007, we have recovered more than 2.5 billion pounds (1.1B kg) of used computing equipment for responsible recycling. Our goal by 2030 is to recover as much IT equipment as we produce and increase our use of recycled and renewable materials.