• Innovating For Impact

    Using technology to scale delivery of basic services

    • Technology has fundamentally changed the social needs of communities around the world. As populations grow and our reliance on technology grows, we must ensure society can keep up with this growth. At Dell, we’re using technology to address systemic issues for underserved communities, supporting large-scale, partner-led social programs through infrastructure support and creation of digital public goods.

    • Digital LifeCare

      Digital LifeCare is a mobile, cloud-based analytics tool launched to enable healthcare providers to reduce the burden of non-communicable disease by making it easy for them to access patient information, even in rural communities. This technology solution drives digital inclusion and enableds a continuum of care for people across India.

    • i2b2 tranSMART: The Learning Health System

      i2B2: The Learning Health System is an AI enabled healthcare platform that uses Dell Technologies’ modern infrastructure to create pools of de-identified patient data to produce digital twins across the globe. Researchers can then perform millions of individualized treatment simulations using the digital twin.

    • UNICEF Giga

      Dell is partnering with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) USA to support Giga, a global initiative by UNICEF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to connect every school to the Internet by 2030 and every young person to information, opportunity and choice. 

    • The Book That Banks Your Voice

      The Book That Banks is the world’s first voice banking book, created in partnership with Intel, Rolls-Royce and the MND Association in the UK. By reading "I Will Always Be Me" out loud, those living with this Motor Neurone Disease—the most known being ALS, can continue sounding like themselves even after losing the ability to speak.

    • FY23 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how our commitments drive climate action, accelerate the circular economy, support digitally inclusive communities and champion our inclusive workforce.