• Faster, better deployment with less IT effort

    Your team is excited about technology’s potential and ready to drive business to the next level. Your challenge? Maximize the power of new tech while keeping resources focused on innovation.ProDeploy Infrastructure Suite is adapted to modern IT, delivering practical choices for hardware and software with versatile delivery options to fit every budget and operating model.

    • Using Dell ProDeploy Plus Infrastructure can improve deployment times for Dell technology

      Save valuable in-house admin time by using a Dell Technologies-certified engineer for installation and configuration of a Dell solution

      • ProDeploy Plus for Infrastructure

        ​From planning to knowledge transfer, ProDeploy Plus provides the skill and scale needed to successfully execute demanding deployments in today’s complex IT environments.  We start with a site readiness review, planning and recommendations. A single in-region point of contact for localized project management will keep things on track and an online collaboration platform helps you track progress and stay engaged with our delivery experts.​

        We then elevate your experience by implementing CloudIQ cybersecurity best practices and policies and developing an individual plan for operational readiness. Plus, the service provides additional deployment hours to execute that plan at your direction. 

    • ProDeploy Infrastructure

      Customer expectations are high, and workforce needs can shift rapidly. How can you deploy infrastructure that best leverages your resources and maximizes the value of new technology?  ProDeploy delivers versatile options for hardware and software installation to get the most of your new technology starting on day one. ​

      Rapidly adopt new technology and set your organization up for success with expert planning and implementation, installation, and knowledge transfer.  ProDeploy provides remote and onsite installation options designed to fit your budget and environment, all guided by certified deployment engineers. We focus on getting you up and running so you can focus on your business and prepare for whatever comes next.

    • Receive your technology ready-to-deploy

      Faster and easier server installation with Dell ProDeploy Factory Configuration or ProDeploy Infrastructure

    • Factory-based deployment services

      ProDeploy Factory Configuration - Dell can preconfigure your individual servers as part of our factory process so that you receive your PowerEdge servers ready to install.  You can easily choose service combinations that fit your needs across asset tagging, system settings, and image load.  Subsequent orders will include the same repeatable configuration.  Save time with consistent results even at very high volumes.​

      ProDeploy Rack Integration - Having the ability to receive products racked and configured from our facility, ready to roll in place, saves time and resources. This is especially important when rapid expansion is critical to business growth.​ Every rack with enterprise system technology is different and correct integration is key to success. Our engineers will work with you to define your solution to optimize power & cooling, cable layout, and network configuration in a consistent technology build.    

    • Additional Deployment Services


      Beyond your ProDeploy Infrastructure experience, Dell Provides additional services that can get your IT where it needs to be.

    • Data Migration Services

      Consistent, predictable migration regardless of modality or data type

    • Production Ready for Backup

      Advanced configuration that meets your specific business and regulatory requirements.

    • Residency Services

      Product focused troubleshooting expert with in-depth knowledge of your product environment 

    • Data Sanitization & Data Destruction

      ExpSecure data on returned, replaced or redeployed systems

    • Custom deployment services

      Dell Technologies Services provides a wide range of deployment services to fit almost any circumstance or requirement.