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Customizable PCs

The benefits of a customizable PC

When you’re buying a computer, it can be hard to settle on the model that’s right for you. It’s not for lack of options – there are more brands and types of computers available than ever before, each offering different features and components.

Dell makes choosing your computer easy. In addition to a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service, Dell provides a wide range of pre-configured PCs that allow you to set up a device with components that meet your needs. On, laptop comparison tools help you compare multiple options. With a Dell computer, shopping for computers is a breeze.

customizable PC

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Options for your PC

When you are looking for the best PC for you, you’ll have lots of options to choose from. When selecting your configuration, you’ll have the ability to select different options for your system’s main components and other add-ons.

The central processing unit, or CPU, is the brain that drives your PC. The latest generation of CPUs delivers faster performance, as do processors with more cores and higher clock speeds. If you’re planning to use your PC for editing videos or playing games, you’ll want to invest in a faster processor.

Graphics cards
Dedicated graphics cards have their own CPU and RAM systems. They bring video games to life and let you render video and photos in rich detail.

RAM, or random-access memory, improves performance by allowing the CPU to access data quickly. 8 GB of RAM is adequate for most applications. In comparison, 16 GB is preferred for processing-intensive applications and gaming.

Disc drives store the files and data your PC needs for smooth operation. Hard disk drives (HDDs) are less expensive and hold more data, while solid-state drives (SSDs) offer faster performance.

High-resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) displays deliver vivid, immersive viewing experiences. Touchscreen laptops offer more intuitive ways to interact with your device. Widescreen displays provide more real estate for viewing documents and web pages side-by-side. And screens with fast refresh rates give gamers a competitive edge.

In addition to selecting the physical attributes of your computer, you can also choose from an array of add-ons like warranties and software to further customize your order. Whether you’re a designer or just need extra system security, you can get everything you need as you finalize your PC configuration

Customizable PCs from Dell

All in One Computers

At Dell, you will find several PCs that have been customized and pre-configured to meet your specific needs.

XPS laptops and desktop computers are uniquely crafted to provide the highest performance and most immersive entertainment experiences. Featuring minimalist designs and a highly expandable chassis, XPS PCs can be set up with up to the latest Intel processors and graphics cards. Open architecture, venting placement, voltage regulator cooling and high RPM fans help to maximize performance and airflow. Among the best desktop computers on the market, these devices are endlessly expandable, with plenty of storage capacity and multiple PCI slots for adding sound cards, graphics cards and other options.

Inspiron PCs
Inspiron laptops, desktops and all-in-one computers offer a world of possibilities with powerful and expandable options. The latest processors deliver the power to handle multiple tasks, while discrete graphics options deliver rich visuals, greater performance and faster editing. Multiple expansion slots provide many opportunities for tailoring these PCs, and expandable yet space-saving designs don’t compromise the desktop. Inspiron also offers one of the best all-in-one computer options, with sleek designs and various upgrades, styles and options for personal productivity or home computer entertainment.

How to customize your PC

When shopping for a Dell PC, you start by choosing a desktop, laptop, or all-in-one computer on You will then find a wide range of pre-configured PCs to choose from. Once you have made your choice, you will have the flexibility to choose different components that best suit your needs. As you make your selections, you’ll see the price of your PC displayed on the screen, along with any available special offers, warranty options, software add-ons and more! You’ll also see financing options and estimated delivery dates, so you know what you’re getting as you customize your computer.

Why shop PCs from Dell?

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Expert technical assistance
Technical support is included with the purchase of every PC. Premium Support and Premium Support Plus provide additional support options tailored to meet the needs of every PC owner. Learn more.

Dell Price Match
With our Price Match policy, if you see a lower advertised price on a Dell PC or an equivalent product, Dell will match it.

Free shipping and no-hassle returns
Your customizable PC ships free of charge with standard delivery. And if you’re not satisfied with your PC, you can return it easily within 30 days of your purchase. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customizable PC?
A customizable PC is a computer that can be configured to your needs. In contrast to an off-the-shelf model where the components are entirely predetermined, these PCs give you the ability to choose from multiple pre-configured models that have a range of parts.

What are the advantages of a customizable PC?
When you choose the components that you want in your PC, you can fine-tune its performance for the type of work you wanted to do. You can also avoid paying for unnecessary features that you won’t use.

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