Red Hat Solutions

Joint innovation that helps you do more, faster

Strategic partners for over 22 years, Dell and Red Hat have jointly engineered and integrated fully validated solutions, tools and reference architectures to help simplify IT.

Co-engineered Solutions

Embrace world-class, enterprise grade open source solutions developed and co-engineered by Dell Technologies and Red Hat.

Validated Infrastructure

Purpose-built open source tested and validated on Dell Technologies infrastructure to accelerate your IT transformation.

World-class Support

Experience you can trust. Dell Technologies works together with Red Hat to provide help when and where you need it, worldwide.

Dell Technologies and Red Hat Solutions

From workflow to infrastructure, IT environments are becoming more complex. Trusted partners like Red Hat, work together with Dell Technologies enable your organization to reduce complexity while promoting security and stability.

Telecom Solutions

Optimize Telecom Solutions

Improve efficiency and deliver services faster with our purpose-built telecom solutions from Dell Technologies.

Container Solutions

Manage Container Solutions

Deliver a consistent application platform for the management of cloud native applications with OpenShift container platform solutions from Dell Technologies.

Data Management Solutions

Manage Data Management Solutions

Accelerate the journey to powerful data insights with open standards-based solutions from Dell Technologies.

OEM and Embedded Solutions

Simplify OEM and Embedded Solutions

Simplify the deployment of Red Hat Solutions on Dell Technologies infrastructure with validated and tested OEM solutions that maximize value and support.

AI/ML Solutions

Decide AI/ML Solutions

AI/ML enables organizations to make big decisions based on data-driven insights and to embrace open standards. 

APEX Cloud Platforms - Red Hat Optimize and extend OpenShift on-premises

Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift is designed collaboratively with Red Hat to optimize and extend OpenShift deployments on-premises with an integrated operational experience.

Red Hat Partner Software

Purchase all Red Hat solution subscriptions through, Dell Software, a Red Hat Global Premier Partner.

Essential Resources Explore Red Hat Solutions Resources

Ansible Automation with Dell Infrastructure

Accelerate the deployment of Red Hat Solutions on Dell Technology Infrastructure with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Ansible Automation with Dell Networking

Accelerate the deployment Dell Networking Solutions with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Dell-tested Reference Architecture for Data Virtualization

Multicloud Data Analytics with Dell Technologies Powered by Starburst.

Find the Needle in the Multicloud Data Haystack

The new one-stop-shop for finding any needle in your on-premises, private or public cloud haystack.

Journey into the analytics space with Dell & Starburst

Harness data with a fast & secure query engine powered by leading hardware platforms.