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Small Server Racks

Store your powerful servers in a small rack

Rack-mounted servers offer space-saving, cost-efficient solutions for businesses that need flexible compute power and storage capacity. When office space is limited, a small server rack provides IT teams with more options for efficiently storing a file server, web server, mail server or network server.

Dell offers a range of small server racks that enable businesses to easily deploy, store, and manage servers in the office.


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Why get a small server rack?

A rack server is identified by the number of units it occupies within a standard server rack. A 1U server occupies one unit, or a space roughly 1.75 inches high. A 2U server occupies twice as much space or approximately 3.5 inches in height. A 4U server is twice again as large as a 2U device.

As businesses invest in servers, storage and space challenges arise. Small server racks offer significant benefits to IT teams who are tasked with ensuring availability and performance while working with constrained spaces and even budgets.

Space-saving density
Rack servers offer a remarkable amount of performance per cubic inch of space. A small server rack is an ideal compute and storage solution for organizations that have limited space. If your business has more than one rack server or plans on adding to an existing one, a server rack is ideal. A small server rack stacks the hardware on top of the other, helping you save valuable office space.

Optimized airflow
A server rack can help increase performance by optimizing airflow around the equipment, helping prevent overheating.

Flexible installation
A small server rack can be mounted to a wall, positioned on a table or shelf, hidden beneath the desk or stationed on the floor of the data center.

Efficient scalability
With a small server rack, IT teams can easily add additional servers as the computing requirements of the business expand.

Easy maintenance
The efficient design of a small server rack makes it easy to keep the equipment and cabling organized and maintained. This helps provide IT teams easy access for maintenance purposes

Added security
Server technology housed within a locked rack can be more easily protected from unauthorized access and human error.

Small server racks from Dell


Dell offers a range of small server racks with various features in sizes from 5U to 26U.

Enclosed server cabinets with casters
These racks feature casters and leveling feet for installation on the floor of the data center.

Wall-mounted enclosures with lockable doors
These small server racks can be positioned on the wall for easier access by IT personnel. The size of wall-mounted small server racks ranges from 5U to 26U. Several models swing away from the wall for easier access to the backside of the server.

Open frame racks
These inexpensive racks are perfect for secure environments where locking doors on a server rack are not required. Open frame racks are available for floor mounts, wall mounts, and wall mounts with built-in pivots to provide easier access to the back of the servers.

Wall-mounted industrial NEMA-compliant racks
These racks are ideal for industrial environments with limited floor space. Built-in dust filters and sealing gaskets around the doorframes prevent ingress from falling dirt, dust, drips and splashes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a small server rack?
A small server rack is a small hardware enclosure that contains one or more rack-mounted servers. Server racks provide efficient housing, organized cabling and optimal cooling for computing and storage servers. A standard full-sized server rack is approximately 78 inches high and can accommodate multiple servers. A small server rack may range from about 15 inches to 49 inches in height.

What are the advantages of a small server rack?
A small server rack provides a space-efficient way to house and maintain one or more rackmount servers. The efficiency of a small server rack enables IT teams to build a robust data center within a small space.

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