More on Solid State Disk Technology

We’ve seen a lot of interest from customers in solid state disk (SSD) technology. Ryan at Engadget does a pretty good job of summarizing why someone would want an SSD drive in their recent post about Samsung’s new 64GB product

Not long after IdeaStorm user tablet205 submitted the Solid State Drives as option in Notebooks, we started offering them in a couple of Latitude notebooks in May. Since then, we’ve expanded the option to more Latitude notebooks, all of our mobile workstations, and some of our high-end XPS notebooks on the consumer side, like the XPS M1330 and the XPS M1730.

Though SSD drives bring lots of benefits, traditional hard drives aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. At this point, one of the downsides of SSD drives is price—they are still pretty expensive. But, like most new technologies, the price should come down over time as the technology becomes more mainstream.

Enough from me though—let me introduce you to someone who’s an expert: Tom Pratt is the storage technologist on the Office of the CTO team. In this vlog, Tom gives a good overview of the technology from where it’s been to where it’s heading—hint: new form factors.

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