All About Reporting Abuse

Ever noticed the report abuse link next to ideas and
comments and wondered exactly how you can use this function? Wonder no more.
Community members can self-police IdeaStorm by reporting abuse on ideas and
comments that violate the Terms
of Use
of IdeaStorm. This allows the community to alert moderators about
specific issues.

When you report abuse on an idea or comment that violates
the Terms of Use, be sure to identify what the violation is (advertising,
profanity, attacking site manager, etc.) in the report abuse comment box. That way we can handle the issue in a timely manner.  It is ultimately Dell’s decision to remove an
idea or comment that violates the Terms of Use. To ensure your ideas and
comments won’t be removed, please be familiar with the Terms of Use and About pages of IdeaStorm.

Also, not long after the site launched in February,
duplicate ideas started popping up frequently, and the community recognized
this as an issue.  The best way to handle the duplicate ideas is
to report abuse on the duplicate, and add a link to the original idea in the
comment section of the report abuse function. 
That will help the moderators address the duplicates quickly.  Moderators will ultimately decide
if the idea should be merged or not, and we’ll notify the Idea Author if their
idea is merged.

About the Author: Kara Krautter