AMD FirePro™ professional graphics and Dell Precision workstations

Today, professional workstation users get a new set of powerful tools with the announcement of new Dell Precision desktop and mobile workstation solutions powered by AMD FirePro workstation graphics.

I’ve stated before that AMD FirePro is built on the strength of award-winning Graphics Core Next architecture – in particular for its ability to intelligently manage workloads for outstanding performance in applications. The combination of Graphics Core Next with OpenCL™ (Open Computing Language) is designed to deliver massive compute performance for applications that leverage massively parallel graphics processor acceleration, speeding up application performance and enabling new features.

We’ve designed the AMD FirePro™ M-Series mobile workstation graphics to support the professional user for efficient productivity through high-performance graphics. AMD FirePro professional graphics for mobile workstations offer 3D performance, application certifications and multi-display support.

AMD FirePro mobile graphics were designed with the mobile user in mind. AMD FirePro graphics give workstation users power they need where they need it.

We recognize that mobile workstation users have specific needs: no sacrifice in performance, long-lasting battery life, and no compromise in accurate display.  The new AMD FirePro™ M5100 and M6100 graphics are designed to meet all those needs.

AMD has worked closely with Dell to create exceptional mobile workstations. We understand the need to deliver quality workstations that provide a desktop workstation experience on the go.

We also understand that the mobile workstation has to work and work hard. So we’ve included exceptional workstation-class graphics processing performance so users can work on complex/detailed 3D models and large data sets

I’m pleased that Dell recognizes the increasing requirement for OpenCL™ support when it comes to workstation productivity. Dell has chosen AMD to meet that requirement with AMD FirePro graphics. Customers want open standards and AMD is leading the way with OpenCL solutions using AMD FirePro.

I’m excited that the combination of Dell and AMD is ultimately a win for workstations users. Whether they’re desktop or mobile users, both will stand to gain from our combined efforts to deliver top-notch performance for outstanding productivity.

David Cummings is a senior director and general manager, Professional Graphics at AMD.

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