At what point did it become IT’s job to make sure we all have fun at work?

You would have thought that, with all of the other responsibilities IT departments have, the job of cheering up staff might be more effectively dealt with by the Human Resources department, or some sort of staff committee. Yet when we surveyed IT end user employees across eight countries, nearly 60% said they would enjoy work more if they had a say in the technologies used. This is the kernel of consumerisation.

It’s important to note that happiness, in the face of longer hours, can be conferred through better tech. In short, if a company wants to hire the best workers, the IT that the company delivers to employees matters a great deal.

The problem is that things are changing fast. Combine existing and new challenges for IT with a faster and faster rate of change and limited resources, what’s needed is an approach that avoids static infrastructure and is more flexible to new challenges and demands, and can adapt to fit the business’ needs. Seismic shifts like this occur rarely; organisations that get this change wrong will suffer materially. This represents a very significant chance for partners to give their customers business-changing advice.

Dell Wyse talked about this at IDC’s Consumerisation of IT and end user computing conference in the UK in November – and the answer isn’t really what most people expect. The cloud is often produced as the answer to problems like these, but it’s only one part of the answer. What is needed is an integrated approach to desktop delivery, access while mobile, and the management of devices – whether they are owned by the organisation or the employee. Partners make a massive difference here – providing guidance and counsel to customers over and above product fulfilment is what distinguishes the best partners.

Dell cloud client computing solutions, backed by proven reference architectures, enable partners to address customer needs using their own skills, and call on Dell Services expertise as needed. This approach helps customers take a holistic view of their client computing needs and challenges.  Armed with this view, they can tackle their hottest issues with confidence – even if that hot issue is ensuring their valued employees ‘enjoy’ their use of IT.

About the Author: David Angwin