Flexible (flex) Computing for Dummies (1 of 5)

Earlier this week, Dell’s CIO and President of Global Services Steve Schuckenbrock was interviewed by Michael Vizard (the Gillmor Gang) for a podcast entitled “Dell In The Cloud” that appeared on eWeek.com’s IT Infrastructure section. In the interview, Steve discussed what we’re doing in the cloud computing space but also touched on Dell’s flex computing strategy and how it relates to cloud computing. It’s a great overview of the differences between the two approaches to computing. If you’ve got some time download the discussion or stream it live.

Because the interview runs about 21 minutes long, we got some time with one of our Flex Computing gurus, Juan Vega, to walk us through a very simple overview of Dell’s strategy in a five-part video series and explains the similarities of client virtualization (essentially what flex computing is) and server virtualization.

Part one of the Flexible Computing series is below. Stay tuned for parts two through five later this week.

This may be too simplistic for some of you but every day we hear from customers who ask us to simplify our offerings for them, break them down into descriptions that are very simple to understand. I trust this video series will do just that.

Dell’s Flexible Computing strategy consists of three main offerings, which Juan will outline in the coming videos.

If after watching this five-part vlog series you still have questions on Dell’s flex computing solutions, check out this article written by Dell’s Jeremy Ford and Roberto Ayala in the latest issue of Dell Power Solutions.

About the Author: Bruce Eric