Cheers to a New Year for IdeaStorm… and Here are Some of the New People You’ll Meet

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Happy New Year, IdeaStorm community! I am excited to inform you of some changes we have underway now to get 2008 started off in the right direction for our community. Most importantly, we have a new moderator joining us…

Jackie_C will be a full-time moderator on IdeaStorm and she has spent the past month working with me, Kara and the Dell Community Forum moderators to learn the ropes.  Some of you may have already interacted with her.  Jackie brings to IdeaStorm an incredible amount of enthusiasm and passion for online communities, and I think she has the right personality to be a consistent and firm moderator on your behalf. 

We have a well-established community of regulars on IdeaStorm, and I know you’ll continue to welcome the newcomers and police the community yourselves, as you have for some time now. Jackie will bring the kind of consistent moderation presence needed to host healthy and quality conversations on IdeaStorm.

Some of you may recognize Jackie’s name, as she has been a member of the team that reaches out to customers in the blogosphere to engage those talking about technology and about Dell. She also has experience in our Customer Care organization, and has spent many years here at Dell listening to customers.  In addition to tending the conversations on IdeaStorm by actively listening and responding to the community, Jackie will also handle your abuse reports and merge and delete requests. (See About IdeaStorm for a reminder of how that works, and the Terms of Use page for our community guidelines.)

Organizationally, we have realigned our Dell resources to have more support for interacting with the IdeaStorm community, so you'll start seeing more than just me and Kara around here.  IdeaStorm will gain the expertise and involvement of our talented Dell Community Forum and Direct2Dell teams. You will still hear from us on the blog and on IdeaStorm – but from here on out, we’ll be Kara_k and Caroline_d.  We’re finally putting dell_admin1 and dell_admin10 (and all the other dell_admin usernames) into retirement!  Our comment history on the site will not go away, but you won’t see new comments from those old familiar usernames.

Additionally, Dawn_L will be transitioning into my role to manage technology improvement opportunities for the site and ensure your ideas are reviewed and responded to by Dell. Kara, Dawn, and others (and increasingly our Direct2Dell blogger Lionel) will be informing you of the status of your ideas on the Ideas in Action blog.  I'll still be listening closely to your ideas and will often join the conversation with you on IdeaStorm and Direct2Dell, and anywhere else you want to talk, so I'm not going too far away. 🙂 

We have more exciting changes planned for 2008, and our new team is already getting started on them.  For example, coming soon we'll have a cool new way to show you more about the people and personalities behind IdeaStorm.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and participation in 2007, and keep your eye out in the coming months for some “old” ideas getting traction as new Ideas in Action. 

Cheers to a new year of collaborating together and making your ideas a part of Dell’s new products and services!  And a warm welcome to Jackie_C and Dawn_L

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