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Marius Haas, president, Commercial Sales & Enterprise Solutions

Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Group takes you into the future with integrated IT solutions

The world is changing at record speed. Business as usual no longer exists. To stay ahead, customers are demanding technology that enables them to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, now and in the future. Today’s business leaders must be champions of change. Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Group helps businesses get more value from IT investments, adopt emerging technologies rapidly, and turn IT into an engine of innovation that’s future-ready.

Information technology is, of course, a critical factor in attaining desired outcomes. Its very purpose is to empower enterprises by increasing productivity and enabling innovation. Yet, for decades organizations big and small have been forced to adopt solutions that limit their flexibility, lock them into proprietary technology and burden them with enormous, ongoing maintenance costs. They hire armies of integrators and consultants just to keep their legacy systems running. And they endure crippling complexity.

Complexity is antithetical to the objectives of information technology; it inhibits your ability to make changes, introduce new capabilities or pursue business opportunities. It actually reduces productivity. We’ve seen it not only slow companies down, but in some cases halt progress altogether.

A partner for the long term

At Dell, we believe there’s a better way. We call it the “future-ready enterprise,” and it’s based on the belief that enterprise technology – regardless of the solution it offers or the vendor that sells it – should not just allow for, but effectively promote change. That means that every investment in hardware, software or service should move your organization measurably closer to its goals.

All you need is a commitment to long-term thinking and a disciplined approach to IT investment. The end result is not just an IT architecture that’s built for change, but a business that’s ready for anything. Future-ready IT enables a future-ready business.

As a single end-to-end solutions provider, we combine a more nuanced understanding of your needs with our technology capability and business-oriented expertise to help you meet your challenges. Working with thousands of companies of all sizes in all industries around the world, we’ve seen these transformations:

To stay at the forefront of scientific thinking, Arizona State University researchers needed a faster and more flexible way to support increased multi-disciplinary collaboration as well as larger, more complex data models. Using Dell and Intel technologies, Solution ASU created a holistic First Generation Data Science Research Instrument that supports high-performance computing, big data, parallel processing and tiered storage. Research is now weeks faster with 30 teraflops and 83 percent more rapid provisioning, storage costs are 70 percent lower, and ASU is conducting previously impossible “big picture analysis.”

The Denver Broncos wanted a faster, more scalable firewall to secure its network, improve staff efficiency and provide reliable, fast network access for fans, employees and vendors. The solution Dell provided included a SonicWALL SuperMassive next-generation firewall, an NSA firewall and a secure remote access device to boost performance, efficiency and insight. The result: added layers of security for ticketing and other systems, faster service for fans and staff, higher productivity for staff and vendors, and a maximum boost in ROI.

Flexible solutions for a fast-changing world

Dell helps free you from the constraints of proprietary technology, making the software-defined data center a reality – from software-defined networking to software-defined storage and compute. This changes the networking paradigm from both a cost and ease-of-management standpoint. The same model applies to storage, allowing you to deploy scale-out storage on x86 servers and bring these capabilities into your data center with the speed, ease and assurance of an appliance or validated solution.

By transitioning to a converged environment that leverages virtualization technologies, you’ll be able to evolve seamlessly on your own timeframe and optimize your resources, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Our solutions and strategies help you eliminate tedious, manual tasks and reduce time spent managing infrastructure so you can shift from technology maintenance to growing your business.

With less than six months to build a highly scalable data center and IT infrastructure, AeroMéxico Delta TechOpsenlisted Dell’s help to design and deploy a new data center and end-to-end IT solution that could support their business and IT employees while meeting both short- and long-term requirements. In four months, they deployed Dell’s end-to-end solution, saving more than 10 percent in initial costs. Their streamlined data center and IT processes deliver 99.8 percent availability and easy long-term scalability, which allowed the new company to surpass its competition only one year after launch. 

What’s next?

Certainly no one can predict the future. But we can all agree on what it will be like. More demanding. Customer-centric. Data-driven. Threats coming from places we can’t imagine today. More connected. More mobile. Faster.

Whether it’s harnessing data to create better products and services, leveraging the cloud to rapidly address new needs, or supporting a highly mobile workforce, enterprise IT is at the forefront of driving competitive advantage and creating value. Which means you need a flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure—one that has the agility to keep up with an unpredictable future.

Our solutions are designed to be future-ready. They’re based on open standards, and they’re modular and easily scalable to give your organization the flexibility and agility it needs to capitalize on every opportunity – even the ones that don’t exist yet.

At Dell, we’ve done it all without locking our customers into proprietary technology. We want you to be successful. That means delivering open solutions that can change along with your needs and create new opportunities to help your business thrive today and in the future.

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