Compound Benefits of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Given the pace at which businesses are moving to the cloud, every month executing a cloud strategy is delayed, the greater the cost to the business whether it is in missed revenue opportunity or in operational inefficiency.

Having a strategy in place and a solution ready for use in under one month benefits companies in ways that compound over time.

In the investment world, advisors have long positioned time as a friend to the investor as he or she strives to accumulate wealth, while serving as a foe to those who procrastinate.

The reason? As you save and invest, your investments earn gains, interest, and dividends. And then those dollars also benefit – ultimately compounding your original investment over time.  Think of it as a snowball growing in size as it rolls downhill.

The longer you wait to start, or the more you spend instead of investing, the more the impact on wealth accumulation goals.

Compare this to IT spending on cloud infrastructure, the longer it takes to get a hybrid cloud up and running, the more money is being spent supporting less efficient technology. That’s money that could be put back into the business or passed on to shareholders.

We know it works because our own IT is using the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution on our systems and seeing this compound benefit in practice.

Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Results may vary based on how efficiently IT is being delivered today. However, many companies are dealing with the same issues as EMC IT, so I believe similar results are likely.

How much more revenue could be achieved if required services were delivered to customers 5x faster?

How much money could be invested back into the business or shared with investors if TCO was reduced by 50%?

Now take those savings and multiply by 12, 24, 36 months of compounded value.  How much more agility and competitiveness would that afford?

A hybrid cloud in 28 days – isn’t that worth exploring?

About the Author: Peter Cutts

Peter Cutts is the Senior Vice President of Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms within the Converged Platforms and Solutions Division. He has global responsibility for the strategy and execution of our Hybrid Cloud Platforms portfolio, which enables business and IT transformation and accelerates time to value for our customers and partners. Leveraging the power of Dell EMC converged and hyper-converged engineered systems, the Hybrid Cloud Platforms organization focuses on delivering the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, Native Hybrid Cloud, Analytic Insights Module, and the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.